Sunday, 23 October 2011

About My Discipline Teach XP

yesshh...its about HER !! 
" Miss _ _ _ " the most .... erm how should i put this ..
terifiying , shocking , suspense , hatred name in school ... 
iii don noe how to say it but i think most "highschoolers" do.. 
im am her "dog" or what ever u guys call it...
and i dont reeeallly like her....
i mean its not as if i hate her until i wanna blow up her car ..
no...but that's an idea... 
u noe .. one day in class we were all shocked coz we heard she is relieving..
in malay ( cikgu ganti ) ...
so....super duper shocked...
at first , of coz cam x caye...
then , not long after 10 minutes...die da ade kat stairs da...
hahaha XD gud luck 4 those who r outside the class corridor !! 
then SHE got in the class...
she called the guys who were outside .. ( shahril & rusydi )
she asked " why were u guys outside ? " 
" err....nothing we were juz gonna.. "
" gonna what ? what ? gonna look 4 me ? "
" err ... nope ... "
" u see class ? i only got in late like 10 minutes "
rusydi interrupts " we were juz gonna look outside the class "
shahril continued " yeah , datz it "
" really ? then why r u wearing ur bag with ur P.E shirt ? "
" no juz now these guys were playing with my bag and then..." 
" ouh so ur saying dat its ur worried if the tore ur bag or something ? "
" yeah something like dat " 
" and yet again u noe dat outdoor t shirts are not allowed right ? "
and i was like ' u-oh ... she gonna confiscate it '
then she did.....feel sorry 4 him tho.. 
then she called another friend of mine also ( her dog ) 
who is akmal and he didn't pay his prefect fees.... 
then she did a personal-hygiene check then she saw his nails...
and then i noe he is TOAST 
but if u guys were there and observing HER nails...
it is more longer than his...i thought " is this right ? "
" HER nails are longer "
so...yeah...i feel dat it is not fair ...
justice need to be served ! ( im like a super hero now )
haha a scary night tonight ( watch a horror movie )


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